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When choosing a partner for your early phase clinical projects, you need an expert. For many years the CROMSOURCE Early Phase facility formed the Phase I unit of a top 10 global pharmaceutical company. When this company disinvested in the facility, it moved location to the nearby teaching hospital, taking the expert team and cutting edge equipment with it. In 2012 it became the CROMSOURCE Early Phase facility. Our sponsors can therefore be certain that the quality and expertise of our facility is second to none.

The strategic location of our facility in Verona, Italy ensures that EU-wide regulatory timelines and procedures are also adhered to whilst project costs are significantly (approximately 30%) lower than in most EU countries.

The location in a major teaching hospital also provides access to:

  • immediate emergency cover on site
  • modern imaging and diagnostic techniques
  • highly motivated, well-defined patient populations (e.g. elderly, post-menopausal, impaired liver function, paediatric)
  • well defined disease groups (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, pancreatic, gastrointestinal, urological, metabolic and psychiatric)
  • academic and scientific experts and KOLs
  • highly skilled on-site pharmacists
  • laboratory facilities able to perform not only routine clinical analyses, but also develop assays on client request

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