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Through our TalentSource Life Sciences division, CROMSOURCE continues to lead the way in providing flexible staffing solutions. With over 20 years experience of providing high quality clinical research professionals, we are able to add real value to your work by allowing you to efficiently adjust the size of your team to peaks in workload. We are equally comfortable acting in a functional service provider setting or in simply providing short and long term or permanent staff for your organisation.

CROMSOURCE is currently providing staffing solutions in over 20 countries with experts in virtually every therapy area for pharmaceutical, vaccine, medical device and biotech companies.

CROMSOURCE are equally proficient whether providing a single project manager or an international team of clinical research associates to work on either pharmaceutical or medical device projects. Importantly, we provide one single point of contact within CROMSOURCE to each customer to address all their staffing needs, from new requirements to financial and operational management of all ongoing projects. CROMSOURCE also provides support for all contracted staff, including people management, training, coaching and appraisal meetings.

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Staffing Solutions

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