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CROMSOURCE is an international Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing services in the development of new drugs and medical devices, helping to enhance the quality of life of millions of people. Our international headquarters are located in Italy with local offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK, USA, Russia but our reach spreads far beyond these countries with a large network of freelancers and partner CROs. CROMSOURCE currently operates in over 35 locations worldwide and employs over 450 collaborators, making it one of the largest independent CROs in Europe.

Challenging Career Opportunities

CROMSOURCE offers its employees opportunities to build up a versatile expertise by working on different projects. Aside day-to-day work, most of our employees are involved in interdisciplinary projects aiming to respond to our customers needs better by improving existing processes and contributing to the development of new procedures, products, internal IT applications, etc. Additionally, employees of CROMSOURCE are also rewarded with development opportunities as a high percentage of them are promoted or have changed to another role during their time at CROMSOURCE.

Fair Working Conditions

Building up quality and efficient service is only possible by attracting and retaining competent professionals. Therefore CROMSOURCE focuses not only on selecting the best people, but also ensuring that they are trained, coached and fairly rewarded on a regular basis.

Once you will have started working at CROMSOURCE you will receive a market conform salary package including country specific secondary benefits. In certain positions you will also be rewarded with a company car and a fuel card.

From day one you will be coached regularly and will receive many opportunities to follow trainings. At the end of each year your performances will be evaluated during an appraisal meeting, whereby outstanding performances will be rewarded.

CROMSOURCE also respects your need for a good work-life balance and offers home-based and part-time solutions.

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