End-to-End Guarantee

It’s a simple concept, really.  Quality data. On time. On Budget. Guaranteed.

At CROMSOURCE we believe experts should keep their word. After 18 years of success in supporting our clients to meet their clinical research goals we have a solid history and experience with highly productive geographies, sites, investigators and regulators.  We are so confident in our abilities to deliver your study on time and on budget that we are able to offer the industry’s only End-to-End Guarantee.

Starting at the RFP stage with our uniquely detailed Feasibility PlusTM process (delivered free and without obligation) we ensure that we provide realistic predictions of enrollment and timelines, and recommend the right mix of countries and sites. Our End-to-End Guarantee then covers the following areas:

1. Your study will start on time

2. We will enroll 100% of the contracted patients

3. We will finish on time with a set date for database lock

4. The price you contracted is the price you pay. There will be no  CRO-initiated changes-in-scope.

Furthermore, we know that budgets must be competitive, and you can rest assured that our End-to-End guarantee does not come with a premium price.  Don’t you owe it to your project to learn more? Contact us here to request more information.

Why Choose Cromsource?

  • One Trial One Price - Guaranteed Fixed Price Budget
  • Feasability Plus
  • Expert Trial Rescue - Guaranteed Study Rescue
  • End to End Guarantee

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