Since our inception over 20 years ago, CROMSOURCE has embraced, developed, and invested heavily in technology relating to clinical research. This resulted in the formation of our associated company and wholly-owned subsidiary, Techorizon Srl (

We believe that technological innovation is essential to streamline workflow, enhance decision making, and improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. By remaining at the forefront of creating and developing ground-breaking technological solutions, our experts help us deliver faster, more efficient services and allow our teams to work smarter and faster on your projects.

The new Techorizon Clinical Suite threepointzero delivers enhanced functionality in a fully integrated environment. From feasibility study to final study report, this platform offers many solutions for each stage of the clinical trial.

By means of PC, tablet or smartphone, all services are securely accessed with the use of the most advanced encryption standards available on the web today.


The following are the e-tools available:

  • FeRMI: the system that revolutionizes the feasibility process for a clinical trial. A 100% e-solution, featuring real-time data analysis
  • Tethys: the database of healthy volunteers that behaves like a CRM system. Tethys allows you to comprehensively track your volunteers and select the best volunteers available for your Phase 1 studies
  • TheCTMS: the management system for complete control of all aspects of clinical trials, no more surprises and faster interventions if and when necessary
  • TheLearning: the communication platform for training and the sharing of clinical trial material. A unique tool where everyone involved in a clinical trial can find their own personalized training material
  • TheCRF: the flexible and robust clinical record form with personalization at no additional cost
  • Customer Portal: the ultimate working area for the customer, all of the parties involved in the clinical trial, and more. Finally, a secure and easily accessible web area from which to lead and manage the clinical trial
  • Cloud Media Management: the solution for image management in clinical trials. With just a few clicks, Cloud Media Management allows you to upload, view, comment upon and store numerous types of image and video files
  • TheDiary: the electronic diary that can also be made available on patients’ personal devices
  • TheSurvey: questionnaires and data collection direct from patients, even when outside the hospital.


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