Expert Trial Rescue

Is your current trial is running behind schedule, or you would like support from a CRO who are experts in rescuing such studies?

If so, that’s where CROMSOURCE can help.

We’ve been involved in more rescue studies than other CROs have total studies.

That’s because we know where the patients are and how to enroll them. We know which countries have the highest prevalence of various diseases and the sites that consistently deliver the highest volume of qualified patients.

And because we monitor competing studies in all major markets we help our sponsors understand the competitive landscape. We then advise them to avoid those countries and re-direct them to markets with the patients needed to finish their study on-time.

Finally, a sponsors rescue study may qualify for our End-to-End Guarantee. If your study meets certain requirements we will guarantee not only the specified number of patients but also the date of database lock.

Now that’s what we feel a study rescue is all about. To ask how we can help bring your study in on-time, click here.


Why Choose Cromsource?

  • One Trial One Price - Guaranteed Fixed Price Budget
  • Feasability Plus
  • Expert Trial Rescue - Guaranteed Study Rescue
  • End to End Guarantee

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